Potted Cactus with watercolor (step-by-step)

Potted Cactus with watercolor (step-by-step)

Let’s paint the Potted Cactus with watercolor Confections – Currents

You will need: 

  • Watercolor Confections (Currents)
  • Watercolor paper (Cold-pressed watercolor paper
  • Two round watercolor brushes (size 4 and 1)
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape (optional, to secure the watercolor paper) 


  • No. 143 Deep Sea 
  • No. 141 Sea Green
  • No. 133 Seaside
  • No. 142 Algae
  • Dark green (Check the color mixing below)

Color mixing:

  • Dark Green (mix No. 143  Deep Sea and No. 140 Sea Green)


Since this project is super easy, I don’t advise you to draw a sketch. But if you feel that a pencil sketch gives you more confidence, then make a light sketch.

Step 1

Prepare medium-consistency paint in the Deep Sea and paint the outline of the pot. Allow the painted layer to dry. Use a small brush with (size 1).

Step 2

Now paint a pattern on the pot with the seaside in medium-consistency. Now take a round brush (size 4) and create a base for the cactus with a watery or even a medium consistency Sea Green. Don’t wait for the paint to dry. Move on to step 3. 

Step 3

Using a round brush (size 4), add to the wet layer Algae and Deep Sea. Both tints should be of medium consistency. Let the painting dry. 

Step 4

Take a round brush (size 1) and paint the details. Add lines on the cactus in Dark green. Then paint the top of the pot with the Deep Sea. Let the painted layer dry. Use paint in this stage in medium or even thick consistency.

Your cute painting is done! 

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